Application Table Electron Gun Systems: Matrix with list of various applications verse the electron gun beam system that should be considered. Applications include: Beta Decay Simulation, Biologic Specimen Radiation, Charge Neutralization, Electron Diffraction, Electron Stimulated Desorption, Fluorescence Experiments, Gas Electron Fluorescence, Heating / Melting / Welding, Inverse Photoelectron Emission, Ionization Experiments, MBE RHEED Studies, Neutral Beam Excitation, Phosphor Testing, Plasma Excitation, Radiation Studies, Semiconductor Processing /Research, Space Physics Studies, Spacecraft Charge Up Studies, Spacecraft Materials Testing, Spacecraft Testing, Specimen Heating, Surface Bombardment, Surface Charging Studies, Surface Excitation /Heating, Surface Physics Studies, Surface Scrubbing, UHV Charging, UHV Surface Physics, Vacuum Physics Experiments, X-ray Generation/Production
FRA-2X1-2 / EGPS-1011: Product Page FRA-2x1-2 / EGPS-1011: Product Document (PDF) FRA-2X1-2 / EGPS-1011: Features and Specs ELG-2 / EGPS-1022: Product Page ELG-2 /EGPS-1022: Product Document (PDF) EGA-1012 / EGPS-1012: Product Page EGA-1012 / EGPS-1012: Product Document (PDF) EFG-7 / EGPS-1017: Product Page EFG-7 / EGPS-1017: Product Document (PDF) EFG-7 / EGPS-2017: Product Page EFG-7 / EGPS-2017: Product Document (PDF) EGL-2022 / EGPS-2022: Product Page EGL-2022 / EGPS-2022: Product Document (PDF) EGG-3101 / EGPS_3101: Product Page EGG-3101 / EGPS_3101: Product Document (PDF) EGG-3103 / EGPS-3103: Product Page EGG-3103 / EGPS-3103: Product Document (PDF) EGF-3104 / EGF-3104: Product Page EGF-3104 / EGF-3104: Product Document (PDF) EMG-4212 / EGPS-3212: Product Page EMG-4212 / EGPS-3212: Product Document (PDF) EMG-4212 / EGPS-4212: Product Page EMG-4212 / EGPS-4212: Product Document (PDF) EMG-4215 / EGPS-4215: Product Page EMG-4215 / EGPS-4215: Product Document (PDF) EGF-4104 / EGPS-4104: Product Page EGF-4104 / EGPS-4104: Product Document (PDF) EMG-4210 / EGPS-4210: Product Page EMG-4210 / EGPS-4210: Product Document (PDF) EMG-4193 / EGPS-4193: Product Page EMG-4193 / EGPS-4193: Product Document (PDF) EGH-6210 / EGPS-6210: Product Page EGH-6210 / EGPS-6210: Document (PDF) EGH-6002 / EGPS-6002: Product Page EGH-6002 / EGPS-6002: Product Document (PDF) EGF-6104 / EGPS-6104: Product Page EGF-6104 / EGPS-6104: Product Document (PDF) EGH-8100 / EGPS-8100: Product Page EGH-8100 / EGPS-8100: Product Document (PDF) EGH-8105 / EGPS-8105: Product Page EGH-8105 / EGPS-8105: Product Document (PDF) EGH-8103 / EGPS-8103: Product Page EGH-8103 / EGPS-8103: Product Document (PDF) EGH-8201/ EGPS-8201: Product Page EGH-8201/ EGPS-8201: Product Document (PDF)

FRA-2X1-2 / EGPS-1011: Features and Specs