GPS Coordinates: Lat N 42 47.697, Long W 71 48.108

Map of area around Kimball Physics, Inc. and Batchelder Pond showing route from NH-31 onto King Brook Road onto Kimball Hill Road
Kimball Physics Inc., 311 Kimball Hill Road, Wilton, NH 03086-5715 | View Larger Map

Information for Visitors

Visitors are welcome. Please call ahead so that appropriate staff can be available to assist you. Visits are “necktie visits” or “no-necktie visits”; please let us know your preference. Default is a “no-necktie” visit. Both facilities and grounds are tobacco-free. The setting is completely rural and surrounded by deep woods, ponds, hiking trails, hunting, and fishing areas. The main Kimball Physics building is a converted 1800’s large, red barn. The main parking lot is just past the barn. The office and visitor’s entrance is at the corner of the barn by the mail boxes and flag.


  • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Manchester, NH (most convenient)
    About 30 miles Northeast, and 45 minutes from Kimball Physics
    Access and parking easy; car rentals available
  • Logan International Airport, Boston, MA (more flights)
    About 66 miles Southeast, and 2 hours from Kimball Physics
    Access and parking more difficult; car rentals available