Shipping & Delivery

All Domestic orders are FOB Wilton, NH. All Foreign orders are ExWorks Wilton, NH (INCOTERMS). Unless otherwise specified, freight and any handling charges are prepaid and added to invoice. Orders shipped across international boundaries carry a 1% (minimum $25) export handling charge.

Prices are subject to change without notice. All shipments are subject to the export laws of the United States.

Returns & Replacements

In the event that an ordering or shipping error has occurred on either side, it is usually possible to exchange for the desired goods. Please contact Kimball Physics Customer Service within 30 days of the date of shipment to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA number). The RA number must be obtained prior to the return of any goods; and must be displayed on the outside of the package. Goods must be returned freight prepaid in new / unused condition in the original packaging. UHV products must be returned still UHV clean. In some cases, there may be a restocking charge. Special orders are not normally returnable.

Occasionally a unit may behave in an undesired manner. If the unit was supplied with an instruction manual, data sheets, or technical notes, (most units are) it is wise to study this material first. If the application of this information does not rectify the situation, the next step should be to obtain advice from Kimball Physics Customer Service, or from Kimball Physics Engineering. After consultation, if the unit still has problems which are impractical or inconvenient to correct by the customer at the customer facility, then it will be necessary to return the unit to the factory for evaluation. Obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA number) and an Evaluation Form (if pertinent) from Customer Service prior to sending any material.

The RA number must be displayed on the outside of all packages, on the Packing List and on any Purchase Order. Goods must be well packed, and sent freight prepaid. Returns for standard repair must have a Purchase Order. If the repair is evaluated as a warranty repair, the unit will be returned freight prepaid, at no charge.

Under normal circumstances, Kimball Physics does not send service engineers to customer facilities; the number of different products, along with the special materials required for cleaning and repair, makes this procedure expensive and usually impractical.

Products which have been exposed to any toxic material require a Safety Declaration Form to be filled out before they can be accepted for evaluation, rebuilding, or repair. This form can be obtained from Customer Service via fax or email. The form should accompany the returned goods, affixed on the outside of the package. The declaration must: 1) state what hazardous substances were in contact with the product, and 2) list the decontamination procedures that have been followed to date, such that the product is now safe for handling.


All orders must be accepted by Kimball Physics. Any terms and conditions stated by purchaser are rejected if they conflict with the Kimball Physics Terms of Sale, and shipment of ordered goods shall not constitute acceptance of purchaser’s terms and conditions.

Telephone orders and fax orders are the fastest; written purchase orders are the most reliable. Please state the model numbers, item names, and the quantities required. To reduce the possibility of duplicate shipments, a written order which confirms a telephone order should be clearly marked “confirming order only”, and should reference the date of the phone order.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Standard terms are Net 30 Days for customers with approved credit. VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted. Alternative methods of payment include: Prepayment and Letter of Credit.

There is no minimum order. Neither the world of science, nor the environment, is well served by policies which cause the accumulation of unneeded materials. However, to reduce paperwork costs on both sides, it is best to combine small orders where possible.