EMG-4193 / EGPS-4190 / COPS-4190

EMG-4193 / EGPS-4190 / COPS-4190

Starting price Basic System – options not included: $130,300

Photoemission capabilities

Starting price Basic System – options not included: $130,300

Photoemission capabilities

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Model #: EMG-4193 EGPS-4190 COPS-4190


Medium Energy, Small Spot Size Electron Beams

1 keV to 30 keV


  • Surface Physics
  • Vacuum Physics Experiments

Features / Options:

  • New Modular Design
  • Photo Emission Option
  • Internal Alignment while in Operation
  • Electrostatic Focusing
  • Quadrupole Alignment
  • Octupole Deflection / Raster / Stigmator
  • Beam Blanking
  • Inline Faraday Cup
  • Internal Magnetic Shielding
  • Differential Pumping
  • Small Spot Down to 25 µm
  • Beam Current 1 nA to 10 uA
  • UHV Compatible / Bakeable
  • Computer /Remote Control
  • User-Replaceable Firing Units

Energy Range: 1 keV to 30 keV
Beam Current: 1 nA to 10 µA
Spot Size: 25 µm to 500 µm
Mounting: 4.5″ (4½”) CF

The EMG-4193 Electron Gun with matching EGPS-4190 Power Supply and COPS-4190 Column Optics unit is a complete subsystem ready to attach to the user’s vacuum system. Optional photo emission may be achieved by focusing a user supplied electromagnetic radiation source through the system’s unique viewport. The EMG-4193 can deliver electrons with energy from 1 keV to 30 keV and current from 1 nA to 10 µA. The gun uses an (LaB6) cathode to provide a small spot down to 25 µm with a lifetime of thousands of hours. The beam can also be rastered for imaging of the target. Applications include surface physics and vacuum physics experiments.

The gun’s adjustable optics include two focusing lenses as well as three quadrupole alignment and two octupole deflection elements. The gun also features an adjustable feedthrough assembly that allows mechanical alignment of the firing unit while the gun is in operation.

The gun has a blanker element which diverts the electron beam into an in-line Faraday cup. This system is used to measure the beam current in the column. The blanker provides a means of cutting off the beam while the gun is running and could also be used for pulsing.

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