EGH-8103 / EGPS-8103

EGH-8103 / EGPS-8103



Starting price Basic System – options not included: $136,400

High energy gun with focusable beam and small spot size

Starting price Basic System – options not included: $136,400

High energy gun with focusable beam and small spot size

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Model #: EGH-8103 EGPS-8103


Focusable, High Energy Electron Beams, Small Spot Size Option to 60 μm

10 keV to 100 keV


  • General Vacuum Physics
  • Radiation Studies
  • Surface Bombardment
  • Semiconductor Research
  • Biological Specimen Irradiation
  • X-ray Generation
  • Plasma Excitation
  • Fluorescence Studies
  • Surface Physics Studies

Features / Options:

  • Small Spot Size down to 60 μm
  • Beam Currents up to 1 mA
  • Magnetostatic Focusing
  • Magnetostatic Deflection
  • Magnetic Lens
  • Pulse Capability
  • Internal Alignment During Operation
  • User-Replaceable Firing Units
  • Computer / Remote Control
  • Differential Pumping

Energy Range: 10 keV to 100 keV
Beam Current / Spot Size:
Standard: 10 nA to 100 µA / Standard: 60 µm to 10 mm
High Current: 10 nA to 1 mA / High Current: 500 µm to 10 mm
Mounting: 6.0″ CF Mounted

The Kimball Physics EGH-8103 Electron Gun with its matching EGPS-8103 Power Supply is a complete subsystem ready to attach to the user’s vacuum system and turn on. It can deliver electrons over a very broad range of energies, currents, and power. The EGH-8103 has applications in space materials testing, radiation studies, semiconductor research x-ray generation and plasma excitation.

The gun uses a refractory metal or lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) cathode to generate a high energy, focusable, small spot electron beam. Both beam energy and beam current are independently adjustable over wide ranges; the energy from 10 keV to 100 keV, and current from 10 nA to 1 mA. The electron beam can be pulsed by an input signal to the control grid.

The gun features an adjustable cathode feedthrough assembly that allows the mechanical alignment of the firing unit with respect to the anode and the column. This alignment can be done in real-time while the gun is operating with beam on.

The gun design provides for differential pumping of the Source region with a 4.5” CF flange on the source chamber for attachment for a Turbo pump. There are three 2.75” CF flanges for an ionization gauge and other options. The gun is usually mounted on a 6.0” inch CF flange and has zero insertion length, i.e., does not extend into the vacuum chamber.

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