EGA-1012 / EGPS-1012

EGA-1012 / EGPS-1012

Starting price Basic System – options not included: $27,600

High current with medium diameter spot size

Starting price Basic System – options not included: $27,600

High current with medium diameter spot size

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Model #: EGA-1012 EGPS-1012


High Current, Medium-Diameter, Low-Energy Electron Beam

5 eV to 1000 eV


  • Surface Physics Studies
  • Vacuum Physics Experiments
  • Charge Neutralization
  • Electron Desorption
  • Surface Scrubbing
  • Phosphor Testing
  • Ionization Experiments
  • Semiconductor Processing

Features / Options:

  • Beam Current up to 2mA
  • Feedback Stabilized Emission Current
  • User-replaceable Firing Units
  • UHV Compatible / Bakeable
  • Computer / Remote Control
  • Beam Pulsing Option

Energy Range: 5 eV to 1k eV
Beam Current: 1 μA to 2 mA
Spot size: 10 mm to 25 mm (no focusing capability)
Mounting: 2.75″ CF
Features/Options: Flood beam, Pulsing, Dual Grid


Kimball Physics EGA-1012 Electron Gun, with its matching EGPS-1012 Power Supply, is intended for use in a variety of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) physics experiments, surface physics, and processing applications where high beam currents are needed at low energy. It is a complete subsystem ready to attach and turn on. Beam energy, beam current and beam divergence are all independently adjustable. The EGA-1012 Electron Gun uses a space-charge-limited oxide-coated cathode to generate a uniform flood beam. This design allows for generation of the beam down to low energies and very low currents.

UHV technology is used throughout. The electron gun is bakeable up to 350°C with cables removed. With Faraday cup, maximum is 65oC unless removed.

The standard cathode is a high current, rugged yttria-coated disc (Y2O3). The cathodes are not damaged by repeated exposure to atmospheric gases or water vapor when cold. The gun can be run in vacuums from 10-11 torr to 10-5 torr. Cathode lifetime is a function of vacuum conditions and beam current as related to cathode temperature. Cathode lifetime at low currents in good vacuum may be in the many hundreds of hours, or even over a thousand hours.

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