Round Plates (cylinder caps)

Round Plates (cylinder caps)


Packages contain 5 plates / package

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Model #: SS-RP


Round stainless steel plates used for closing the ends of cylinder parts.

Stainless steel square and rectangular plates (SS-PL) and round plates (SS-RP).
Various sizes from 0.7″ to 2.0″ square and rectangles up to 6″ long to cut to custom lengths as needed.
Arrays of holes for attachment (ex: B5X5 is 5 holes on each side of a small B size 0.7″ square, and C7X7 is 7 holes on a side of a large C size 2″ square)
Center of plate can have a square hole (S), round hole (R) of various diameters, or be a solid blank (B).

Products include:
SS-RP-BXXX/YYY (B-Series plates with an OD of XXX and an ID of YYY)
For B-Series, XXX ranges from 0.0620″ to 0.750″ and YYY is 0.0620″.
All B-Series parts come in 5/std pkg, except SS-RP-B062 which contains 50.

SS-RP-CXXX/YYY (C-Series plates with an OD of XXX and an ID of YYY)
For C-Series, XXX ranges from 0.125″ to 1.500″ and YYY is 0.125″.
All C-Series parts come in 5/std pkg, except for SS-RP-C125 which contains 50.

See Drawings above. (Note: not all parts have a center hole.)

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