Brackets, Stainless Steel

Brackets, Stainless Steel


Used to join plates at right angles, reinforce plates to make stronger structures and mount experiments.


They are available in B & C Series sizes:
B Series: Hole size: 0.0625 “, Hole spacing: 0.150”
C Series: Hole size: 0.125″, Hole spacing: 0.300″

Products include:
SS-BR-B2xY (Y = 2,3,4,5,7)


All standard packages include 5 parts.


See Drawing at left.

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Model #: SS-BR


Plates which have been bent in the standard manner are called bracket parts (BR parts) and are made in a variety of configurations. Bracket parts are useful in joining plates at right angles, in reinforcing plates to make stronger structures, and in mounting experiments. They are also the basis for several types of clamps.

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