Lanthanum Hexaboride Cathodes for Electron Microscopes

Lanthanum Hexaboride Cathodes for Electron Microscopes


See specifications below. OEM customers or overseas customers may order directly from Kimball Physics. North American customers please contact Ted Pella.

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Model #: ES-Microscopy


The Kimball Physics ES-423E (Extended Life) Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) Cathode is a high performance, resistively heated, thermionic electron source. It is currently employed in many brightness-limited electron optical systems:  SEM’s, TEM’s, probes, electron lithography systems, and more. With brightness at least an order of magnitude greater than tungsten, LaB6 provides superior resolution in a wide range of acceleration voltages to enable clear imaging of the finest details in electron microscopy applications.


  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Transmission Electron Microscopes
  • Electron Lithography Systems
  • Electron Probe Microanalysis
  • X-ray Micro-Analysis
  • Surface Analysis
  • Custom Applications



  • Extended Lifetime
    • Thousands of functional hours in clean vacuum
  • Exceptional Stability
    • Precision machined carbon mounting
    • High over-temperature tolerance
  • High Brightness / Low Energy Spread
    • <100> Oriented Single Crystal
    • Best Quality / High Purity Material
    • Current densities up to 30 A/cm2
    • Operating pressure < 10-7 torr
  • Accurate Microflats
    • Superior Optics
    • Controlled Source Size
    • Standard Diameters Available
  • Bases Available for Most Systems
    • Ceramic AEI base or various microscope bases
    • Emission surfaces sized  for microscope use

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Weight 1 lbs
Microflat Size

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Base Style

AEI, Amray, BioRad – AEI, Cameca -AEI, Camscan – AEI, Electroscan – AEI, Hitachi S, ISI 2pin, JEOL E, JEOL GC (JSM), JEOL K, Leice – AEI, Perkin Elmer/ETEC, Philips, VG, VG – AEI (replacement), Zeiss