Kimball Physics - Excellence in Electron and Ion Optics

Kimball Physics is a high-tech manufacturer of scientific instruments, with over 40 years of experience in ultra-high-vacuum electron and ion optics. The company specializes in high stability electron emitters, precision electrostatic and magnetostatic optics, along with state of the art vacuum chambers and fittings. Electron and ion systems are optimized for beam energies ranging from 1 eV to 100 keV and beam currents from femtoamperes to amperes.

Multi-CF™ Chambers
Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ vacuum chambers are compact, multi-port UHV fittings with internal and external mounting systems. Particularly advantageous where there are spatial constraints and where a high density of experimental apparatus is required, the built-in mounting apparatus save time and eliminate the need for custom machining.
eV Parts®
Kimball Physics eV Parts® are a group of several hundred standard parts made from high temperature metals and high purity insulators. Intended for use in all phases of high vacuum technology, these modular, easy to assemble parts are particularly useful for constructing experimental setups in ultra-high vacuum environments.
Kimball Physics Cathodes/Emitters provide a reliable source of electrons for use in microscopy, lithography, x-ray generation, free electron lasers, electron accelerators, and other custom applications.
Kimball Physics designs and manufactures two types of particle detectors: Faraday cups and phosphor screens. The basic Faraday cups are mounted in the vacuum system for direct sampling of electron or ion beams. Phosphor screens are made of high luminosity P-22 phosphor for real-time beam observation.
Power Supplies
Kimball Physics power supplies provide accurate and stable currents and voltages necessary to run Kimball Physics electron guns and ion guns. Power supplies are operated either manually using front panel controls or digitally through software. Each power supply is tailored to meet the requirements of its paired gun, including custom models.
Internal Mounting Systems
Groove Grabbers™ lock into specially machined grooves on Kimball Physics vacuum chamber ports. This internal apparatus attachment system greatly increases the flexibility of the Multi-CF™ fittings by enabling the user to mount experimental apparatus in vacuum chambers. The Groove Grabbers™ are designed to pair easily with the eV Parts® system.
Specialty Fittings and Flanges
Kimball Physics specialty fittings and flanges include thin spacer flanges, weldable clusters to house large instrumens, perimeter weld flanges with oversized conical bore, flange multiplexers, flange crosses, and mounting flanges.
Ion Gun Systems
Kimball Physics ion guns are used in a wide variety of basic research and industrial applications from microscopic surface physics studies to large spacecraft testing. Alkali metal ion sources available are Cs+, Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+.