Barium Oxide Coated Disc Cathodes

Barium Oxide Coated Disc Cathodes


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The Kimball Physics Barium Oxide Coated Disc Cathode is a low-light, low-temperature thermionic emitter. The cathode structure of the ES-015, ES-064, and ES-066 consists of a barium oxide (BaO) coated disc substrate that is heated by conduction from a tungsten hairpin and mounted on an industry-standard ceramic AEI base or on a compact Kimball Physics ceramic base. Other bases are available on a custom basis.

  • Low light, low temperature
  • Emission current densities up to 0.25 A/cm2
  • Operating pressure < 10-7 torr
  • Emission up to 3 mA
  • 3 disc sizes
  • On AEI or compact CB-104/105 bases


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