Rectangular Plates, Stainless Steel

Rectangular Plates, Stainless Steel


Most packages come with 5 plates / package

C-7×7 and CB series come with 3 plates / package

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Model #: SS-PL


Flat plates are the basic parts in an eV system. Holes around the outside edge are intended for mounting. The outside borders are designed to allow plates to be mounted side by side in the same plane and still maintain a gap between them for electrical isolation. Dimensions are closely held to a +/- 0.001 inch tolerance.

Stainless steel square and rectangular plates (SS-PL) and round plates (SS-RP). Various sizes from 0.7″ to 2.0″ square and rectangles up to 6″ long to cut to custom lengths as needed.

Arrays of holes for attachment (ex: B5X5 is 5 holes on each side of a small B size 0.7″ square, and C7X7 is 7 holes on a side of a large C size 2″ square)

Center of plate can have a square hole (S), round hole (R) of various diameters, or be a solid blank (B).

B Series: Hole size: 0.062 “; Hole spacing: 0.150″; Plate thickness: 0.012”
C Series: Hole size: 0.125″; Hole spacing: 0.300″; Plate thickness: 0.025″
CB Series: Holes sizes: 0.062″ & 0.125″; Plate thickness: 0.025″

Indicates the number of holes per side
E.g.: A 3×5 has a matrix of 3 holes by 5 holes
L : Indicates a longer side, e.g.: SS-PL-B5Lx5L-S500
J: Indicates one line each of 0.062″ & 0.125″ holes in CB Series

Standard –  Full matrix of holes
Blank –  Holes only on edges
Square Cut-Out –  Square center cut out
Round Cut-Out –  Round center cut out
Round/Extra Holes –  Round cut out with extra holes in plate
Oversize –  Increase in length of square side
Corner Holes –  Holes only in corner (C size, 3×3 only)
Cut-Out Dimension
Size options for center cut-outs

Selected Part Number
Includes parts/standard package

Special Parts
SS-PL-C-6000: C-Series, 7X20, standard hole matrix

See Drawings above (Note:  these are in the order found on Parts List – Quantities/Package with the exception of C & B Series with Extra Holes.)

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Weight 0.55 lbs

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