Insulator Protectors, Stainless Steel

Insulator Protectors, Stainless Steel


Designed to protect ceramic spacers from contamination and to avoid charge-up by stray particles.

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Model #: SS-IP


To protect the ceramic spacers from contamination, and to avoid charge-up by stray particles, a group of insulator protector parts (IP parts) has been provided. These protector parts are small cups with a hole in the bottom. The insulator protectors slip over the individual insulators and are held in place by the rods. Because the outside diameter is equal to the mounting hole diameter for the next larger size, the protectors may be used to reduce a single hole in a large hole plate to the next smaller size.

Products include:
SS-IP-C (4 parts/standard package)
SS-IP-CM-1 (2 parts/standard package)

See Drawing above. (Note SS-IP-B is not available.)

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