Stainless Steel Plates: CB3X3

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KPI Part 51-510909
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Plates are the basic parts in the eV system.

Around the edge of nearly every plate part is punched a group of small holes. These holes are intended for mounting. Outside borders of the plate parts are designed to allow plates to be mounted side by side in the same plane and still maintain a gap between them for electrical isolation. This spacing also allows plates to be mounted at right angles without jamming at the corner.

Plate parts are manufactured by a combination of punching, machine work, and chemical milling techniques Dimensions are closely held to a ±0.001 inch tolerance where possible.

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Stainless steel square and rectangular plates (SS-PL) and round plates (SS-RP).
Various sizes from 0.7" to 2.0" square and rectangles up to 6" long to cut to custom lengths as needed.
Arrays of holes for attachment (ex: B5X5 is 5 holes on each side of a small B size 0.7" square, and C7X7 is 7 holes on a side of a large C size 2" square)
Center of plate can have a square hole (S), round hole (R) of various diameters, or be a solid blank (B).