EMG-4210 / EGPS-4210

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EMG-4210 EGPS-4210
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Price range depending on options: $42,675 - $58,000

See specifications below.

The EMG-4210 Electron Gun with matching EGPS-4210 Power Supply is a complete subsystem ready to attach to the user's vacuum system. It can deliver electrons over a broad range of energies, currents and power with working distances from 50 mm to 1000 mm. The magnetic centering and optional shaping coils provide additional beam control, allowing the user to deflect and shape the electron beam. Applications include space materials testing, radiation studies, semiconductor research, x-ray generation and plasma excitation.

Energy Range: 1 keV to 30 keV
Beam Current: 10 µA to 5 mA*
Spot Size: 100 µm to 10 mm
Mounting: 2¾CF
Features/Options: Small spot, magnetostatic focusing, magnetostatic beam shaping, pulsing, internal alignment, user-replaceable firing units.

*Higher current options available.