EGF-4104 / EGPS-4104

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EGF-4104 EGPS-4104
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Price range depending on options: $36,160 - $57,000

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The EGF-4104 Electron Gun with matching EGPS-4104 Power Supply is a complete subsystem ready to attach to the user's vacuum system. The gun uses a space-charge-limited refractory-metal cathode to generate a uniform flood beam down to low energies and low currents. Applications include surface charging studies, beta decay simulation, surface physics, and vacuum physics experiments.

Energy Range: 200 eV to 30 keV
Spot Size / Beam Current:
Standard: 15mm to 500 mm & 1 nA to 100 µA
High Current: 1 µA to 1 mA & 1.5mm to 25mm
Mounting: 2¾CF
Features/Options: Wide angle uniform beam, magnetic deflection, divergence control, custom apertures