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Part Numbering and Dimensions

Each eV Part has a unique catalog number to facilitate parts identification for construction and reordering. Catalog numbers indicate the material, function, scale factor, and dimensions of each part.

Example: Al2O3-TU-C-6000

Al2O3 - Alumina      TU - Tubing      C - C Series      6000 - 6.00" Length

eV Parts are manufactured in two scale groups. Series B are smaller and intended for use in building complex, high-precision structures. Series C are larger and more useful for rugged structures. Both series have identical patterns and special parts are provided to allow size mixing.

The following chart is intended as a quick reference for identifying a part's material and dimensions using its catalog number.

eV Parts Vacuum Components: Part Numbering System and Abbreviations
XX = MaterialYY = Part ClassW = Size, Series B or Series CZZZ = Special Dimensions
AL2O3 Alumina (90% Purity, Vitreous) BA Ball Series B - 1/16" Series
Series C - 1/8" Series

Conventions vary with Part Class, see drawings and descriptions on individual product pages for details

Ex. SS-PL-C7x7-S1400

7x7 - seven holes by seven holes
S - square center hole
1400 - 1.400" inch center hole

Cu Copper (OFHC) BR Bracket   Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (in)
HTG High Temperature Glass CPA Clamping Plate Assy Spec. B C B C
Mo Molybdenum CS Compression Spring Material Thickness 0.317 0.635 0.012 0.025
SS Stainless Steel (Standard: 304) CY Cylinder Mounting Hole Diameter 1.5875 3.175 0.0625 0.125
Ta Tantalum (High Purity) EC Element Clamp Mounting Hole Spacing 3.810 7.620 0.150 0.300
W Tungsten (High Purity) IP Insulator Protector Hole Center to Edge 1.270 2.540 0.050 0.100
  KG Knitted Grid (Temporarily Unavailable) Alumina Tubing Diameter 1.549 3.150 0.062 0.124
LR Lock Ring  
MN Machine Nut
MS Machine Screw
PL Plate
RO Rod
RP Round Plate
SC Screw Clamp
SCA Screw Clamp Assy
SH Sheet
SP Spacer
TN Triple Nut
TR Threaded Rod
TU Tubing
WI Wire
WN Wirenut
WR Wire Ring
WW Wound Wire

Download eV Parts Part Numbering and Dimensions chart (PDF)