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Kimball Physics is constantly expanding its line of Multi-CF™ parts and fittings. The newest additions and noteworthy custom designs are shown here. See details below.

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Various possible welded chamber assemblies shown.
All Incorporate Grabber Grooves for internal mounting on 2.75"CF and larger.
Optional double-density bolt holes for 2.75" and larger CF ports.

Sub-mini 0.950" diameter custom feedthroughs, unique to Kimball Physics. 

The 095 Sub-Mini CF Flanges are a new size ConFlat flange which may be used in locations where a flange smaller than the 133 ConFlat is desired. It is 0.950 inches in diameter, 0.200 inches thick, and seals using 4-40 socket head cap screws.

Whereas the 133 ConFlat is particularly useful sealing to 0.750 inch tubes and feedthroughs, the 095 flange seals nicely to 0.500" diameter fittings.

The flanges are manufactured from type 316L stainless steel.

See Resources tab for 3D  .step files