Technical Information

8.0" Spherical Square with extra 2.75" ports (MCF800-SphSq-G2E4C4)

6.0" Spherical Cube with extra 1.33" ports (MCF600-SphCube-F6C8A24)

8.0" Extended Spherical Octagon

Titanium vacuum chambers

Dimensions, P/N System, & Bolts - Description of Multi-CF™ products by industry-standard Conflat sizes, Multi-CF numbering system and abbreviations, and Multi-CF fitting bolt requirements

Magnetic Response of Stainless Steels - Magnetic properties and sorting of stainless steel grades

Specifications, including technical drawings and models, for the Multi-CF™ hardware line may be found below.


Multi-CF™ hardware with Groove-Grabber™ mounted eV Parts® assemblies

Vacuum Chambers



Specialty Fittings