Specialty Fittings & Chambers

Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ fittings are designed as instrument housings and as ultra-high vacuum chambers to conveniently support all kinds of internal apparatus. Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ fittings permit complex port arrangements, maximize interior volume, provide easy access, improve pumping, follow a modular dimensioning system, permit OD-ID adjacent-size nesting, and cluster together in close proximity.

Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ specialty fittings are compatible with industry standard Conflat vacuum flanges.

If you can’t find a fitting that meets your requirements, contact us. Custom fitting designs are welcomed.

Flange Multiplexers
Compact UHV instrument housings for mounting electron guns, electrical feedthroughs, and other experimental apparatus

Weldable Clusters
Large instrument housings with a 6 in. weldable port on the main axis providing exceptional interior volume and access

Flange Crosses
Open bore or solid thin Conflat™ flanges for mounting between two common Conflat™ flanges

Close Couplers
Fittings designed to join two tapped-hole components with minimal length