Mounting & Accessories

Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ internal and external mounting apparatus are designed to increase the flexibility of vacuum components with industry standard Conflat fittings.

External mounting clamps secure Conflat components on optical tables or other platforms. Rigid clamps attach to OD grooves in Kimball Physics ports and mate to standard optical table hardware. The clamps allow for Conflat rotation during set-up, enable precision alignment, and eliminate the need for custom machining.

Internal mounting systems (Groove-Grabbers™) are rigid, high-precision internal mounting devices for mounting scientific apparatus inside vacuum chambers. Apparatus attach to the Groove-Grabber™ and the Groove-Grabber™ locks onto the Grabber-Grooves™ on Kimbal Physics Conflat ports at any angular orientation about the Conflat axis.

Additional accessories include silver-plated bolts, copper gaskets, and various wrenches.

External Mounting
Conflat OD mounting clamps fabricated from anodized aluminum, mate with standard optical table hardware

Internal Mounting
Groove-Grabbers™ lock into grooves on Multi-CF™ flanges to mount experimental apparatus inside vacuum chambers

Bolts and Gaskets
Silver-plated bolts and high clearance copper gaskets to match Multi-CF™ fittings

Straight hex wrenches, double-ended wrenches, and modified Allen wrenches