Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ flanges are designed to conveniently support all kinds of internal apparatus, permit complex port arrangements, maximize interior volume, provide easy access, improve pumping, follow a modular dimensioning system, permit OD-ID adjacent-size nesting, and cluster together in close proximity.

Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ flanges are compatible with industry standard Conflat vacuum flanges.

If you can’t find a flange that meets your requirements, contact us. Custom flange designs are welcomed.

Flange Adapter Family
Flange Adapters
Multi-CF™ fittings with through holes and tapped holes, reducing flanges

Perimeter Weld Flanges
Weldable tapped CF flanges with oversized / expanded conical bores

Thin Flanges
Open bore or solid thin CF flanges for mounting between two common CF flanges

Mounting Flanges
Open bore or solid Mounting CF flanges for use in conjunction with Conflat™ OD External Mounting Clamps

Sub-Mini Flanges and Feedthroughs
Flanges and feedthroughs for 0.950" CF ports