Comparison Chart and Prices

The table below lists most of Kimball Physics standard Multi-CF™ Vacuum Chamber and Fittings.

  • All Kimball Physics Multi-CF™ fittings are compatible with industry-standard Conflat* flanges.
  • Most part types 2.75"CF ports and larger have Grabber-Grooves™ for mounting experimental apparatus using Groove-Grabbers™. Exceptions are Mounting Flanges where the Grabber-Grooves™ are optional.
  • Custom designs are welcomed. If you can't find a chamber or fitting that meets your requirements, contact us.


Part Type Part Number Dimensions Ports Price ($)
Spherical Cubes MCF133-SphCube-A6 Sphr ID 1.100" six 1.33"CF 690.00
  MCF275-SphCube-C6 Sphr ID 2.600" six 2.75"CF 890.00
  MCF275-SphCube-C4A8 Sphr ID 2.600" four 2.75"CF, eight 1.33"CF 1,620.00
  MCF275-SphCube-C5A4 Sphr ID 2.600" five 2.75"CF, four 1.33"CF POR
  MCF275-SphCube-C6A8 Sphr ID 3.300" six 2.75"CF, eight 1.33"CF 2,880.00
  MCF450-SphCube-E6 Sphr ID 4.800" six 4.50"CF 2,600.00
  MCF450-SphCube-E6A8 Sphr ID 4.800" six 4.50"CF, eight 1.33"CF 3,400.00
  MCF450-SphCube-E6C8 Sphr ID 6.500" six 4.50"CF, eight 2.75"CF, 5,840.00
  MCF450-SphCube-E6C8A12 Sphr ID 6.500" six 4.50"CF, eight 2.75"CF, twelve 1.33"CF 7,100.00
  MCF600-SphCube-F6 Sphr ID 8.400" six 6.00"CF 8,240.00
  MCF600-SphCube-F6C8 Sphr ID 8.400" six 6.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF 9,840.00
  MCF600-SphCube-F6C8A24 Sphr ID 8.400" six 6.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF, twenty-four 1.33"CF 10,200.00
  MCF800-SphCube-G6C8 Sphr ID 10.200" six 8.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF 10,600.00
Spherical Triangles MCF133-SphTri-A5 Sphr ID 1.100" five 1.33"CF POR
  MCF275-SphTri-C5 Sphr ID 2.600" five 2.75"CF POR
Spherical Squares MCF450-SphSq-E2C4 Sphr ID 3.600" two 4.50"CF, four 2.75"CF 1,700.00
  MCF450-SphSq-E2C3r1A4 Sphr ID 3.600" two 4.50"CF, four 2.75"CF (one rotatable), four 1.33" 2,200.00
  MCF600-SphSq-F2C4A8 Sphr ID 4.800" two 6.00"CF, four 2.75"CF, eight 1.33"CF 3,820.00
  MCF600-SphSq-F2E4A4 Sphr ID 5.900"  two 6.00"CF, four 4.50"CF, four 1.33"CF 5,400.00
  MCF600-SphSq-F2E4A8 Sphr ID 5.900" two 6.00"CF, four 4.50"CF, eight 1.33"CF 5,800.00
  MCF800-SphSq-G2E4 Sphr ID 8.000" two 8.00"CF, four 4.50"CF 5,300.00
  MCF800-SphSq-G2E4C4 Sphr ID 8.000" two 8.00"CF, four 4.50"CF, four 2.75"CF 6,100.00
  MCF800-SphSq-G2E4C4A16 Sphr ID 8.000" two 8.00"CF, four 4.50"CF, four 2.75"CF, sixteen 1.33"CF 7,120.00
  MCF800-SphSq-G2F4 Sphr ID 8.400" two 8.00"CF, four 6.00"CF 8,000.00
Spherical Pentagons MCF600-SphPent-F2C5 Sphr ID 4.800" two 6.00"CF, five 2.75"CF POR
  MCF600-SphPent-F2C5A2 Sphr ID 4.800" two 6.00"CF, five 2.75"CF, two 1.33"CF POR
Spherical Hexagons MCF275-SphHex-C2A6 Sphr ID 1.900" two 2.75"CF, six 1.33"CF 1,120.00
  MCF275-SphHex-Cc2A6 Sphr ID 1.900" two 2.75"CF(clear holes), six 1.33"CF 1,120.00
  MCF800-SphHex-G2E6 Sphr ID 8.000" two 8.00"CF, six 4.50"CF POR
Spherical Octagons MCF275-SphOct-C2A8 Sphr ID 2.900" two 2.75"CF (w ext mounting grooves), eight 1.33"CF 2,410.00
  MCF450-SphOct-E2A8 Sphr ID 3.200" two 4.50"CF, eight 1.33"CF 1,390.00
  MCF450-SphOct-Ec2A8 Sphr ID 3.200" two 4.50"CF (clear holes), eight 1.33"CF 1,390.00
  MCF600-SphOct-F2A8 Sphr ID 4.700" two 6.00"CF, eight 1.33"CF 4,220.00
  MCF600-SphOct-F2C8 Sphr ID 4.800" two 6.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF 3,820.00
  MCF600-DblSphOct-F2C16 Cylin ID 5.750" two 6.00"CF, sixteen 2.75"CF 9,840.00
  MCF800-SphOct-G2C8 Sphr ID 6.650" two 8.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF, Ht 2.8.00"" 4,240.00
  MCF800-ExtOct-G2C8 Sphr ID 7.100";  Ht 4.2" two 8.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF 4,900.00
  MCF800-ExtOct-G2C8A16 Sphr ID 7.100" two 8.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF, sixteen 1.33"CF, Ht 4.2" 6,300.00
  MCF1000-SphOct-H2C8 Sphr ID 9.150" two 10.00"CF, eight 2.75"CF POR
Spherical Decagon MCF800-SphDec-G2C10 Sphr ID 7.380" two 8.00"CF, ten 2.75"CF 7,780.00
Spherical Hexadecagon MCF600-SphHexadecagon-F2A16 Sphr ID 4.700" two 6.00"CF, sixteen 1.33"CF POR
Double Spherical Cubes MCF133-DblSphCube-A10 Sphr ID 1.100" (for each half) ten 1.33"CF 2,140.00
  MCF275-DblSphCube-C10 Sphr ID 2.600" (for each half) ten 2.75"CF 2,860.00
Spherical Triple Octagon MCF275-SphTrpOct-Cr2A16 Sphr ID 3.300" sixteen 1.33"CF, two 2.75"CF (rotatable) POR
  MCF275-SphTrpOct-C18 Sphr ID 6.500" eighteen 2.75"CF POR
Part Type Part Number Dimensions Ports Price ($)
Flange Adapters MCF275-FlgAdptr-C1A1 Length 0.700" one 2.75"CF, one 1.33"CF 210.00
  MCF275-FlgAdptr-C2 Length 0.700" two 2.75"CF 240.00
  MCF450-FlgAdptr-E2 Length 1.400" two 4.50"CF 490.00
  MCF600-FlgAdptr-F2 Length 1.400" two 6.00"CF 710.00
  MCF800-FlgAdptr-G2 Length 1.400" two 8.00"CF 800.00
Perimeter Weld Flanges MCF133-PWeldFlg Lip dia 1.200" one 1.33"CF 130.00
  MCF275-PWeldFlg Lip dia 2.599" one 2.75"CF 140.00
  MCF450-PWeldFlg Lip dia 4.000" one 4.50"CF 225.00
  MCF600-PWeldFlg Lip dia 5.840" one 6.00"CF 310.00
  MCF800-PWeldFlg Lip dia 7.840" one 8.00"CF 425.00
Thin Flanges MCF133-ThnFlg-A2-175 Thick 0.175" two 1.33"CF, solid 90.00
  MCF133-ThnFlg-A2-175-ID640 Thick 0.175" two 1.33"CF, hole 0.640" dia 90.00
  MCF133-ThnFlg-A2-400 Thick 0.400" two 1.33"CF, solid 90.00
  MCF133-ThnFlg-A2-400-ID640 Thick 0.400" two 1.33"CF, hole 0.640" dia 90.00
  MCF275-ThnFlg-C2-175 Thick 0.175" two 2.75"CF, solid 150.00