Product Overview

IGS-4 Ion Gun (50 eV to 5 keV)

ILG-6 Ion Gun (10 eV to 1 keV)

IMG-4212 Gun (1 keV to 20 keV)

Important Considerations

  • All guns are UHV Bakeable
  • Comprehensive manual with actual gun data included with every gun
  • Precision mechanical designs crafted for reliability and longevity
  • Complete factory rebuilding, cleaning, re-building and vacuum testing available
  • Outstanding technical support – free of charge via telephone and email
  • Computer aided simulations for customized designs

Kimball Physics ion gun systems, or ion sources, are used for surface physics, space physics, vacuum physics, charge neutralization, detection calibration, secondary ion mass spectrometry and ion injection for MBE.


Range of Operation

  • Energy Ranges: 10eV to 20 keV
  • Beam Current Ranges: 1 nA to 2 μA
  • Spot Size Ranges: 500 μm to 25 mm

Ion Sources

  • Solid state chemical reaction:
    - Alkali metal compound (Cs+, Li+, Na+, K+ or Rb+ ions)


  • Beam Current Stability: ±1.0% per hour with Emission Current Control or ±10% per hour after warm up without ECC for alkali metal sources.
  • Energy Stability: ± 0.01% per hour, ± 0.02% per 8 hours at full output.


  • Flexible Controllers: Independent fiber optic control and metering of functions such as ion energy, source, electron energy, field control, extract, focus, X - Y deflection and electron current control.
  • Gas feed ion sources allow for different ion species


  • Customer-replaceable source assemblies
  • Storable control settings
  • Computer remote control / metering

Operational Capabilities

  • Fast capacitive beam or dual grid pulsing
  • Deflection / Rastering
  • Gun-mounted Faraday cups


To compare ion gun systems, see the Comparison Chart.

To learn more, see Technical Information.