Technical Information

Complete ion gun system

Troubleshooting Hints

  • Locate the system manual
    • Manuals contain system-specific operating techniques and performance graphs taken during testing
  • Contact Kimball Physics
    • Experienced employees will answer any troubleshooting questions.
  • Note High Voltage dangers
    • Ask Kimball Physics for guidance in troubleshooting power supplies

Evaluations and rebuilds

Systems can be returned to Kimball Physics for evaluation and rebuild.
  • Ion gun rebuild: includes evaluation, cleaning, installation of a new ion source, and testing
  • Power supply repair: includes evaluation and testing
  • Call first for a return authorization number
  • Please return complete system: include the gun, power supply, and cables so all components can be tested together

Kimball Physics provides select reference material for ion gun technology available for download in PDF form.

Current technology ion gun systems have power supplies with FlexPanel controller.

For information pertaining to ion gun systems built before 2005, see Pre-2005 Technical Information.

General Information

  • Glossary (101 KB)  common electron and ion gun terms

  • Operating Hints (62 KB)  introductory level, describes various lab techniques

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Controls and Operating Instructions

Features and Options

  • Deflection (25 KB)  description and operation of manual control deflection unit (MCDU)

  • Differential Pumping (514 KB)  pumping and leak valve for gas ion systems

  • Electron Current Control (ECC) (27 KB)  feedback stabilization of electron emission for gas ionization, gas ion guns only (IGL-2101, E/IMG-16)

  • Emission Current Control (ECC) (29 KB)  feedback stabilization of ion source emission, alkali metal ion guns only (IGS-4, ILG-6)

  • Faraday Cup (431 KB)  gun-mounted Faraday cups installation and operation with pneumatic manipulator or rotary feedthrough

  • Pulsing Intro (57 KB)  general description and table, alkali metal ion guns only (IGS-4, ILG-6)

  • Pulsing, Capacitive, Pulse Junction Box (427 KB)  fast pulsing, alkali metal ion guns only (IGS-4, ILG-6)

  • Pulsing, Dual Grid (71 KB)  pulsing with fixed/ variable grid power supply, TTL input, alkali metal ion guns only (IGS-4, ILG-6)

  • Rastering (482 KB)  description and operation of raster generator deflection unit (RGDU)

Computer Control