Product Overview

Apparatus made with eV Parts®

An assortment of plates and mounted cylinders

Breakdown of parts used in a typical assembly

Lenses made with eV Parts®

eV Parts are a group of 350+ standardized parts that save time and money in construction of all types of surface physics and high vacuum apparatus. eV Parts are made of high quality materials and designed for maximum flexibility. Parts are manufactured to standard dimensions with high tolerances and may be used to modify or add to existing commercial high vacuum apparatus with little effort. Ordinary hand tools are the only additional tools needed to use eV Parts. For permanent applications, a laboratory spot-welder may be used.


eV Parts may be used to assemble complex structures with ease. eV Parts have applications in research, teaching, product development, and production. The following items have all been built with eV Parts:

  • ion sources
  • electron guns
  • evaporators
  • knudsen cells
  • neutral beam sources
  • ionization chamber
  • heat shields
  • thin film and sputtering apparatus
  • acceleration structures
  • electrostatic lenses
  • electron multipliers
  • slit systems
  • shutters
  • LEED equipment
  • target holders
  • Faraday cages
  • vacuum fixtures
  • mass spectrometers
  • scanning electron microscopes


High-Quality Vacuum Materials

eV Parts are manufactured from the highest quality materials available and can easily withstand 500°C bakeouts. Standard parts are made of chemically cleaned 304 stainless steel and insulators are made of best grade 98/99% pure vitreous alumina. Refractory metal fasteners and springs are available for non-magnetic structures. Other materials including tantalum or gold plated stainless are available on request.


eV Parts may be used to build rigid, self-supporting, and dimensionally stable assemblies. eV Parts are self-aligning by virtue of their mounting holes and remain locked in place even over extended bakeouts. Parts are assembled on centerless-ground ceramic rods and secured using any of a variety of fasteners: lock rings, screw clamps, strap nuts, friction wirenuts, and ordinary machine screws. Parts fit reliably and make the accurate alignment of lenses, slits, and apertures straight-forward. Assemblies may be disassembled quickly for modification, salvage, or cleaning. Permanent assemblies can be spot-welded.

Download eV Parts Overview (PDF)

Download eV Parts General Information and Construction Techniques (PDF)