Part Types Gallery

Generic Part Type

eV Part® Groups


(Constitute the basic parts in an eV Part® System)

Rectangular Plates, Stainless Steel

Connecting Devices
(Join plates, rods, cylinders and
Groove Grabbers

Clamping Plate Assemblies

Screw Clamp Assemblies

Element Clamps

Screw Clamps - Stainless Steel

Screw Clamps - Aluminum

Brackets, Stainless Steel

Triplenuts, Molybdenum

Wire Rings, Stainless Steel

(Structural elements supporting plates
and experimental apparatus)

Rods, Stainless Steel

Rods, Alumina

Threaded Rod

 (Electrically isolate wires and structures)

Rods, Alumina

Tubing, Alumina

Insulating Balls


(Insulator protectors, shields)

Cylinders, Stainless Steel

Insulator Protectors, Stainless Steel

Raw Materials
(Material to create custom parts)

Sheet Stock, Stainless Steel

Wire Stock

Wound Wire


Balls, Stainless Steel

Compression Springs

Lock Ring Tool

Lock Rings

Machine Nuts

Machine Screws, Stainless Steel

Round Plates (cylinder caps)

Wirenuts, Molybdenum