Product Overview

FRA-2X1-2 Electron Gun (5 eV to 1000 eV)

EMG-4212 Electron Gun (1 keV to 20 keV)

Important Considerations

  • All guns are UHV Bakeable
  • Comprehensive manual with actual gun data included with every gun
  • Precision mechanical designs crafted for reliability and longevity
  • Complete factory rebuilding, cleaning, re-building and vacuum testing available
  • Outstanding technical support – free of charge via telephone and email
  • Computer aided simulations for customized designs

Kimball Physics is a key supplier of electron guns designed for use in a wide variety of ultra high vacuum (UHV) surface physics, space physics, and processing applications. Guns can be focusable for small spot size, for use in applications such as x-ray production, welding and RHEED; or for flood beams, for use in charge neutralization, electron beam scrubbing, space simulation and radiation damage studies.


Range of Operation

  • Energy Ranges:1 eV to 100 keV
  • Beam Current Ranges:1 nA to 20 mA
  • Spot Size Ranges: 15 μm (focused column) to 500+ mm (flood beams)



  • Beam Current Stability:  feedback-stabilized emission current control; better than ± 0.1% per hour
  • Energy Stability:  ± 0.01% per hour, ± 0.02% per 8 hours at full output to minimize chromatic aberration.



  • Breadth of cathodes: balancing brightness, energy spread, ruggedness, longevity and cost
  • Flexible Controllers: Independent fiber optic control and metering of functions such as source, emission current, energy, lens, anode, grid and X - Y deflection.



  • Customer-replaceable firing units
  • Mechanical alignment during full operation
  • Storable control settings
  • Computer remote control / metering


Operational Capabilities

  • Fast pulsing / Beam blanking
  • Deflection / Rastering
  • Gun-mounted Faraday cups


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To learn more, see Technical Information.