Product Overview

Electron beam spot on phosphor screen

Phosphor screens on various mounts

FC-71 stand-alone faraday cup

Kimball Physics designs and manufactures two types of particle detectors: Faraday cups and phosphor screens.

The basic Faraday cups are stand alone units with no moving parts and are intended to be mounted in the vacuum system. A number of different types of mechanically or pneumatically actuated Faraday cups are available; most of these mount directly on the housing of electron guns, for direct sampling of the beam.


Faraday cup options:

  • Phosphor screen around entrance aperture
  • User-changeable apertures
  • Energy analyzing grids
  • Biased cups (collector cup floated away from ground)
  • Water cooling
  • Array of cups


Phosphor screens are made of high luminosity P-22 phosphor (ZnS:Ag). The screens are sensitive to electrons starting at approximately 500 eV with a threshold of 1 x 120-7 A/cm2.


Phosphor screen options:

  • UHV screens
  • Rugged screens
  • RHEED screens


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